I was born in Ward One and have spent the last 5 years as a proud resident of Ainslie Wood. Ward One is a really special place -- just under a third of our residents are seniors, and just over a quarter are under 19.

When I wait for the bus every morning, I am surrounded by children trying to get to school, adults trying to get to work across the city, and folks of all ages trying to access important medical and social services located in the downtown core.

I believe that we all deserve a Ward One that works for us -- which means making sure we live in a walkable ward, where people of all abilities can access grocery stores and amenities. It means making sure we are somewhere where older folks can age in place. It means having safe and reliable public transit, snow clearance along bus routes, and community services where people need them.

It means making sure our streets are safe for pedestrians and cyclists. It means having affordable and accessible afterschool programming. It means addressing the predatory landlords who plague our ward and take advantage of the elderly and young people who may not know their rights as tenants.

It means thinking beyond "Town and Gown" and really looking at all of the amazing work young people in our community are doing to make their neighbourhoods better places.

It means listening to the concerns of long-time residents who are afraid that rising rental costs will push them out of their homes. It means addressing the acts of hate and exclusion that marginalized peoples in our community face. It means a Ward that isn't a collection of neighbourhoods, but is instead a community of people working together for a common goal of making sure our friends and neighbours are able to live the best lives possible.

It means building a Ward One that works. Let's come together and make something special happen.


In Solidarity, 

Sophie Geffros



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