McMaster University Polling Location

To Tony Fallis, Manager of Elections and Hamilton City Council,


We the undersigned strongly urge a reconsideration of the decision not to have a polling location on McMaster University Campus for the October 22nd Election. Given the large population of on-campus residence students and an even larger population of students who reside in Hamilton, it is vital to the fairness of our election that we ensure that students are able to cast their ballot this fall.

Whereas, Under Section 45(1) of the Municipal Election Act this decision should be routed in its convenience to voters.


Whereas, McMaster students living in Hamilton generally have lower access to personal transit, cannot take time out of class to vote and represent one of the largest voter demographics in Ward One


Whereas, Municipal affairs have been of growing concern to students over the past four years and it can be expected we will see an increased voter turnout than in previous elections. Internally, the McMaster Students’ Union has recently created the Municipal Affairs Committee. Externally, student leaders have engaged in extensive lobbying with city councillors and were vital to maintaining the integrity of Ainslie Wood during the recent OMB hearing on ward boundary changes. Furthermore, students en masse have been engaged in municipal issues that matter to them, including the #YesLRT letter campaign and the #FixTheHSR campaign. Economically, students support local businesses, and student fees make up over 12% of the HSR budget. It is clear that students are becoming more and more engaged in our city.


Whereas, Precedent has been set as recently as the last federal election in having polling locations at McMaster.


Be it resolved that, the City of Hamilton through the Office of the Clerk ensure there is a polling location on McMaster campus for the October 22nd election.


Be it further resolved that, the City of Hamilton, through the Office of the Clerk give strong consideration to the presence of advanced voting polling on McMaster Campus for the October 22nd election.

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